They Say Love Is Sweeter The Second Time Around

Have you ever observed those fairy tales starts with “once upon a time” and ended with “and they lived happily ever after”.

I admit I am once a fairy tales believer and thought that love always ended with “happily ever after” after finding true love. I never played with love; of course, love is not a game that children play though some played with it, hurting someone and breaking others heart. Commonly, people blame love once they fail from their relationship, disregarding the person who actually hurt and break their heart. Love has nothing to do with it, love becomes an

instrument for causing pain and desperation which shouldn’t be.

In fairy tales, love conquers against all the odds and couples lived happily ever after. Because, love should be define to give happiness and bring joy to every heart. Love fades, no, love stays only the feeling towards that specific person fades and that’s the time someone fall out of love. Falling out of love doesn’t mean there is no love in your heart anymore. They say “love is

sweeter the second time around” I don’t think it can be applied generally, maybe it works to few but not to everyone. Not every love story has a plot to follow and must end accordingly as it is written.

Why does fairy tales always ends with happy endings. To make us believe that every love story has happy ending, or should have happy ending always? I want to convince myself that it should be that way, and must end with happy story. But, why some stories end with sad, bad and tragic conclusions. Who is to be blame, the person, the situation, circumstances or the feeling called love? I am sure every one of you has their own opinion and yes, share your ideas and thoughts with me. Love is a word defines a thousand or million times, but who can give the exact meaning of it?

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