Imagine Life Without Restrictions

Can you think of the worst scenario if life has no restrictions? What kind of life it is living in a world that is completely free.


One of the most debated issues about religion, faith and beliefs are restriction and by laws inside each congregation. Every church has their own restriction; some religions are strictly implementing their laws while other churches do not care if their members are obeying any law. But come to think of it, set aside the church and religion have you ever think what life there would be if there are no rules to follow? Can you

imagine the road without traffic lights in every crossroads? Would you dare to start a business without rules and regulations? The war between nation, kingdom and churches can you guess what kind of world we will be living now if there’s no neutral law to consider?


What kind of family there would be if everyone can marry or sleep with anybody else? What does freedom means if there is nothing to compel us from doing

mistakes? From the simplest occasion you could imagine, try to picture a daily life free from any restrictions. Try to photograph yourself walking naked on the street and watching people killing one another. Imagine an old man molesting a toddler to think it is his granddaughter or a young lady having sex with her dog under the sun. Yes, maybe those scenarios are normal if we were born in such circumstances because some people said that human is simply one step higher from the animal level.


Do you consider yourself one step higher than animal? Aren’t those who say that human is one step higher than animal level are just trying to justify the beast hiding themselves? Because, their evil mind wish to enjoy a life without limitations and free from any punishment.

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