When You Leave Me - A Poem

Promises in vain, love is not real but in disguise. I don’t know to stop feeling this way!


Saying goodbye maybe one of the hardest word to say or hear to a special someone. But there are moments in life that we must let go of people no matter how important they are. Because that is the only way to moved on from the past and start a new life ahead.



I swallowed my pride; and forget humiliation when I begged you to stay.
I never knew

the feeling of insult when I kneeled down and you turned away.
My mind denied accepting any truth that your love faded and you want me out of your way.
Where love has gone, if you knew please tell me and I will chase with the wind to bring it back with me.


I wonder where did I gone wrong, I wonder where I belong.
Have you ever given me a room

in your heart, or you just took me for granted to fill your emptiness.
Did you ever given me a place in your life or you just took me for a while, to fill your desires.
Having me like a possession, like a display that can be thrown when there is no value anymore.


The moment you closed the door, I saw my world crashed before my very eyes.
When your shadow faded, my life fell into an unending pitch of darkness.
You shut my heart like closing a book, leaving it unread, left unpublished.
You left me with shattered dreams, broken heart unjustified and a life meaningless.



6-14-2012 1:58am Thursday 

Article Written By juny

An artist by heart ❤️

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