Creepy Superstitious Beliefs In The Philippines Part 2

Aside from day to day life superstitious beliefs, there are also creepy beliefs in connection with special events and occasions.

Honestly what makes these superstitions creepy and scary is the occurrence of coincidental accidents. For non-believers it is merely coincidence but for old fashioned believers, strange incidents before the event are warning signs. Wedding for instance has many superstitious beliefs that most couples should and must follow before the event takes place.


Here are common wedding superstitious beliefs, some are funny and some are scary.

>Never fit the wedding dress- the bride to be should never fit the wedding gown. Let other people

of her size fit the gown for her. It is believed in most part of the country that fitting the gown is a bad luck because once the bride to be wears the gown before the wedding day; the wedding is likely to be cancelled or something happen with the groom. During my childhood days I have heard many stories of cancelled wedding is due to this reason. So, most brides to be never dare to fit their wedding gown before the big event.

>Engaged couples must not go together at one place a week or days before the wedding- A week or days before the wedding, the couple should not be seen together going somewhere or doing any additional arrangements for the wedding.

They can follow up some unfinished arrangements but not together. Most families do not allow any of the couple going out more often days before the wedding. It is believed that couples should stay indoor days before the wedding to avoid accident.

>Never step on the bride’s gown or veil- the bride must be vigilant that her groom shall not step on her gown or veil before and during the wedding ceremony, or else, the groom will dominate their marriage life. The funny side is the bride’s family keeps on reminding her that she must step on her groom’s shoes before or during the wedding ceremony. That way, she will be ruling their marriage life- lols.

>Throwing rice grains to the newlyweds brings luck- soon as the newlywed couple emerged from the church entrance, family and friends will throw rice grains on them. It is believed that rice grains bring good luck and abundance. Aren’t they wasting a sack of rice grain?

To be continued……


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