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Matt Monro known worldwide for his James Bond theme “From Russia with Love” recorded the song “Be My Lady” most of the fans thought it is an original composition of the singer.

The song “Be My Lady” becomes international when legendary music icon Matt Monro recorded and includes this song on his album “The Singer’s Singer”. This confuses many music lovers including Filipinos, if who originally sing this song. Be My Lady is an original composition by Filipino songwriter and well-known compositor Mr. Vehnee Saturno as an entry to Metropop Song Festival last 1983- Philippines. Pedritto Montaire originally sang the song,

but unfortunately, it did not make it to the finals.

Matt Monro then recorded the song here in the Philippines, this made his fans, and most music lovers thought that, the song “Be My Lady” is originally a Matt Monro. The confusion starts when Martin Nievera recorded the song in 1994 and becomes a big hit. Music lovers

especially the oldies thought this is a revival from Matt Monro, Be My Lady, unknowingly to many that, Pedritto Montaire recoded the song as early as 1983.

Vehnee Saturno on the other hand earns the honor as the only Asian compositor whose song and composition recorded by an International legendary singer/performer Matt Monro.

Few lines from the song
Be My Lady

Be my lady
Come to me and take my hand
And be my lady
Truly I must let you know
That I am in love with you
All I want is you
How I need you
So please be my lady

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