Voice Of Silence - A Poem

A mind with blankness dip in darkness hears the voice inside of me. Unknowingly the silence is driving the force of shadow engulfing the world of solitary moment invading the whole of me. Finding myself in the midst of queries of unending theories where hope denies the facts and mysteries.



I want to be alone for a while
I want to hear the voice inside of me
As it comes alive when things are dead
Like a shadow in sea of dreams
Where I miss myself and you know it.



Come again as I close my eyes
I want to see the face I once lost
I want to realize the love I feel
That you took while I am sleeping
I miss you more and you know it.


There are things unexpected in silence
The voices of orchestra inside my head
Playing music dead and dread
Extreme melody

dying within
I miss the love and you know it.


I want to be alone for a while
To hear the voices inside I cry
Where mystery unfolding truths
Of mystic river that overflows
Of missing points and you, know it.


The voice of silence inside of me
Breaking moments of blankness
Unfolding darkness of truth
That hides behind curtains of illusions
Of wonderful sight and it is you.


6-10-2012 1:33am Sunday 


Article Written By juny

An artist by heart ā¯¤ļø¸

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