The Meaning Of Womanhood

Motherhood, the most noble profession, the ultimate meaning of being a woman or how do you define a woman depend upon your views.

My sympathy for few women who tried their best to conceive but failed after many attempts, I know how does it feels as I know how great it is to hold a little angel you can call your own. What makes it different adopting an angel and save one life from being wasted or flushed on toilet and have it as your own without any reservation. Yes lady, you can always be a mother without conceiving and fulfill

the duty of motherhood life wants to deprive from your will. On the other hand, there are discontented mother/s out there complaining for spending a full time caring for the kids, while doing all the household chores done before the husband comes home.

Do not feel being a regimented wife, rather, take it as an everyday achievement. A good wife is a blessing for every husband and his crown that he is proud of wearing everyday. You may never hear your husband giving you praises, but in front of his colleagues or his boss, he is giving all the

credit for you. You are his strength who gives him inspiration for all the love, care and importance you showed him. This is true, husband who truly love their wife never fail to share the credit and dedicate it to his wife. As the saying goes; “in every man’s success or fall down, there is always a woman behind”. Then take your pick, would you like to be the reason for his success or his fall down.

Stopped thinking or feeling like, being a discontented mother and a regimented wife, your kid/s and husband are enough reason to be proud of. It is not easy to be a good wife and the best mother at the same time, just do your best lady. You will reap all the good fruits,(someday) probably not the best, but, much better than what you think. Then, you can tell yourself, “I did my best”.

You have made me what I am and I am yours
You have come into my life and, made me whole!


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