Never Laugh At Your Wifeís Choices

A reminder to all husband, never laugh at your wife’s choices because you are one of those. Unless you can attempt to laugh at yourself each time you criticize your wife’s choices.


Is there any instance that you criticize your wife’s choice and you commented something inappropriate? Let’s say she purchased a dress and excitedly she wear it to see your reaction but, you give her expression of disappointment. Can you remember how many times you declined her everytime she gives suggestion because her standards never met yours and you think her idea doesn’t suit to your liking? Like choosing color

for your family car, appliances brand, house decors and a lot more. Did you ever consider her feelings each time you said “no, you don’t know anything about today’s trend”.


Looking back during the courtship days, did you ever realize she is not capable of contributing anything in your life? Then why did you choose her to be

your lawfully wedded wife if you keep setting her aside in everything you do. Before you laugh at her choices next time she picks up new kitchen wares of low quality or cheap brand, think twice. Then looks at yourself and visualize as if you are one of those low quality or cheap brands. Did she choose you as her lawfully wedded husband only to mock her? Perhaps her choices did not match with your likes, but remember that she picks you among the rest because she found something special in you.

Finally, you can reverse this situation if your wife laugh at your choices.


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