I Can Wait Forever- A Poem

I will wait for You


I will wait until the day you will realized you need me too.
I will wait for the moment you want me to be with you.
I will wait for the time you will feel the emptiness of my absence,
Then you will know how much you miss me,
And, why you needed me in your life.


I will wait till the sun goes down to West,
Till the moon rises from the East.
I will wait when North and South met,
Until all the stars

gathered in one universe.
I will wait till your heart beats for my name.


I will wait.
Yes, I will,
I will wait.
Yes, I do.

/> I will wait, until you find your way back to me.


Waiting for you is never a waste of time, because you had given me enough reason to wait. Waiting for someone who promises a love so true is worth the wait. It may take a lifetime for true love to come and takes a whole life to wait for a promise to be granted. Waiting is sweet for hearts that have faith; and believed that love will always finds a way.

Article Written By juny

An artist by heart ā¯¤ļø¸

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