How Would You Describe The Emptiness I Feel Inside

How can you survive a day without saying good morning to your love one? How can you last a day without saying goodnight? How would you describe the emptiness I feel inside for I haven’t seen you yesterday and I am afraid you will not show up until today.


You made me feel I am half without you
You made me silent without your words
Because you are my voice when I cannot speak
You are my air when I cannot breathe
In the darkness, you are my eyes

my sadness, you give me life.


You made me strong when I am weak
Because you are my strength
My anchor when crossing the deepest seas
You are my sail to guide me through
My star my moon in the darkest night
The sun to shine each

morning with a smile.


You shelter me from every storm
You are my coat when I feel cold
You bring me home when I am lost
With you, I found my place
You are the half who made me whole
This is the love I found in you.


I know you miss me too. I can feel it because our souls entwined with every heartbeat, breathe and sigh of loneliness. Reach my hands and touch me, say you will comeback soon before the last dew of the morning drop and touch the ground.

Article Written By juny

An artist by heart ā¯¤ļø¸

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