Why Does In A Game Chess, It Is The Queenís Duty To Protect Her King?

Have you ever wondered why in a game chess, it is the queen’s duty to protect the king instead of the king protecting the queen?


In real life, it is not a woman’s duty to protect the man but it is the man’s obligation to protect the woman. A woman is considered vulnerable who needs protection from a stronger gender but whether men accept it or not, there is always an exception to this rule. Not every man is physically and mentally able of protecting a woman who seeks security from her man. Every man like women also has weaknesses hidden

inside. Therefore, if a woman protects her man it does not mean that he is useless but it means he is lucky to have a woman who understands that even men also fall down on their knees.


Why does in a game chess, it is the queen’s duty to protect her king?


Only a woman can make a king bend his

knees and bow down his head. A respectable woman is a king’s pride and a crown he wears so proudly. Only a woman can melt a stonehearted warrior, his shield from fear and mirror of victory. Only a woman can make a man a hero in time, because every hero has inspiration. Even a hero needs pillar and strength that only a woman’s scent can give. There is always a woman behind every man’s success and failure. Eventually, it is the woman’s duty to protect her man to achieve his dream or to betray her man to his downfall.



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