Love Is Not By Choice And Not By Chance

Love is not by choice because you are forced to do so. Love is not by chance either because you do not have any choice. Love comes naturally if you let it come in, without force but by itself.

Falls in love by choice,
It is by CHANCE.
>Because we never knew who we fall in love with.
Even if that person is the ugliest or having bad habit or bad attitude, we don’t care about those things, because oftentimes lovers are blind. Only love can see.

Stays in love by chance,
It is by WORK.

/> >And it takes two to tango.
Any relationship without rhyme will never worked out nor last forever. Love is not a possession, BUT it needs expression. Love is not to hold, but to handle with care and compassion.

Falls out of love by chance,
It is by CHOICE
>So, it is our choice whether

to stay in a relationship with no respect and love. Because you are afraid what the society might say. You are afraid of criticism but you are not afraid of regretting after. You always have a choice to make and decide what is right. The society has always something to say whether you success or you fail. Therefore, you can choose freedom or pretend to the world that you are happily married and lived each night with tears.

You CHOOSE to LOVE, but it never WORKED; now decide what will be your CHOICE!


6-13-2012 3:52am Wednesday

Article Written By juny

An artist by heart ❤️

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