One Sided Love

Do not blame people who love someone without asking in return. Love does not only materialize once the other party acknowledges it. No one can understand a one sided love, but a heart that knows unconditional love is consummated in their hearts.

What does unconditional love means to you? When we say unconditional, it means no questions, no doubts and never asks something in return. Same with “One Sided Love”, you may oppose or agree with me, that is your opinion anyway. What does martyr lovers do, don’t they love someone without expecting a little care, not even a bit of

attention from the other person right? They look stupid, fool and dumb for doing so, but who cares? They are happy and that matters all, they’re not asking others opinion, they do not listen to critics for all they care is they’re happily in love.

They are not dumb; they only love the wrong person not worth to offer a divine love. They are not stupid as well; they are just a victim of love at the wrong time. They are not even a fool, but they are smart lovers who know the real meaning of unconditional love. They know that unconditional love must endure pain, suffer heartache

and needs to be humiliated emotionally. They are not martyr either and they know that love needs a tender care to make it grow. Hoping that one day, the love they nurture will grow in the heart of that someone they love so true.

Who are they, how do you see them in your own way? How do you define them or do you know anyone who is in love with someone who doesn’t love him/her back? Do you know any story like “One Sided Love” and how can you relate with them? Are you one of them who are in such situation? I am also one of those who never understand what it is to be in such a world of “one sided love” until I found myself entering the dimension they are in. I found myself loving someone who cannot love me in return. It hurts but somehow teaches me the virtue of pain behind happiness. Do not judge them, don’t judge me, until you find yourself riding in our shoe till then you will know.

Article Written By juny

An artist by heart ❤️

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