Perfume Business- Tips And Easy Steps

Youngster loves sweet scents and they really like changing scents all the time, from sweet scents of chocolates, strawberry and honeybees. They also love flowery scents of roses, jasmine, magnolias and baby’s breath.

I started my own perfume business 2 years ago with the help of an online friend who introduce this business fad when I am looking for a small business to venture. Being a mother home business is the best to choose, to earn while taking care of the kids and other housework chores.
This is not a major business and you do not need to have a

big money to start with. Raw materials are very affordable and you can buy from DTI (Department of trade and Industries)
Such as;
Oils (extracted from plant substances )
Ethanol / grain alcohol – these are odorless alcohol (there are other special alcohol that can be used also)

Preparation ;

By combining these 3 ingredients you can create a mixture for perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne and cologne spray. Each mixture depends on how much percentage of oil, alcohol and water combination to make a scent.
For making a perfume, you need to combine 15-30% of oil, 90-95% of alcohol and 5-105 of water. The scent will last for 24 hours.
For eau de parfum, you need to combine 8-15% of oil, 80-90% of alcohol and 10-20% water. The scent will last for 10-15 hours.
For eau de toilette, you need to combine 4-8% of oil, 80-90% of alcohol and 10-20% water. The scent will last for 6-8 hours only.
For eau de cologne, you need to combine 3-5% of oil, 70% of alcohol and 30% water. The scent will only last for few hours.
For cologne spray, which is usually,

splash on with small kids, you need to combine 1-2% of oil, 80% of alcohol and 20% water.

Mix the ingredient slowly but long enough to make sure it is blend well for best result.
Let mixture mature for 48 hours- the longer the stronger especially with perfume and eau de parfum.
For eau de toilette and cologne, 48 hours is enough, since the oil level is lesser .
You can always adjust the desired strength of scent by adding water or oil and shaking the mixture well after 48 hours of maturity.

For labeling and packaging;
Choose your own design according to scent, which you think suits the expression.
You need to choose a brand name or signature name that can easily recognized by consumer and customer.
Packaging is the best factor to attract customers especially the youngster, so go by the trend and be in.

Customer is always right, so, try to note down what your customers suggest and follow if it is needed. This will make your product improve and give your customer satisfaction. They are your true business anyway, without your satisfied customer; your product will never survive.

For more information, you can always contact DTI Philippines for perfume making training and for your license.
If you are too lazy to attend seminar and training, you can check out some perfume making online and look for any partnership who can give you free lesson as long you as ordered certain amount to start with your business.

Article Written By juny

An artist by heart ❤️

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