Creepy Superstitions In The Philippines Part 1

Many superstitious beliefs still exist in every part of the word and Philippines have many of those that still exist, believed by many despite the modernization.


Maybe some superstitious beliefs here in the Philippines have similarities with other countries. That is not amazing anymore since Philippines were once invaded by different countries centuries ago. Despite the modernization, technologies and computer age, still superstitions remain in most Filipinos beliefs. Some are creepy, some are funny and some are really annoying.
Here are few lists of creepy superstitions here in our country:


>Black cat- if you see a black cat crossing your path it

is believe to be a bad omen. Old folks says, postponed your business because it means bad luck, accidents or even death.
>Black butterfly- if you see a black butterfly inside your house it means spirit of dead love ones. It is either the dead one is visiting you, or a distant relative just died and sending
a message. It can also mean a warning, someone in the house or family member will die, will meet an accident sooner or later.

> Smells flower, or candle scents inside the house- if someone smells something odd like candle scents or flower scents it also means death. Maybe a distant relative, family member or a friend just died or is dying.

>Headless photo or blur face photo- after taking a picture and you appear headless or blur face among the rest, it means you will die soon or a terrible accident might happen to you.

To be continued…….




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