The Difference Of Man’s Tears From A Woman Who Cries

When your heart cannot express exactly what you feel all you can do is cry for words are not enough to tell how much is your sorrow and pain.

A tear is enough to tell when a person is in terrible pain. Tears cannot hide any pain or suffering. Tears can mean joy or happiness as well, but most of the time tears are easier to understand than a single word spoken. Men don’t cry easily even with misery and men do not shed tears when they are happy. The moment you saw a man in tears you can guarantee

a precious tears either of hope or too much agony. While a woman’s tear always means a drama and most of the times overacting due to gladness her heart cannot contain. But once a woman stops crying, definitely she becomes harder than the toughest man you’ll ever know.

But do you believe that real men are the one who are not afraid to cry?

Yes, real men

are the ones who are not afraid or ashamed to display tears. Because tears can express a thousand words and tears doesn’t need any word to explain. Once a man cry in front of the woman he loves, it means he is serious. If a woman cry for her man it is normal. If a man cries for a lost love, it means he cannot love another person the same way he did. If a woman cry for losing someone she loves, it is normal. If a man cries for the one he loves, it means she is everything for him. If a woman cries for the she loves, it is a normal thing. That’s the difference of a man’s tears from a woman who cries.


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