Filipino Hospitality

Hospitality, Filipinos are known for this trait and most foreign visitors of our country can prove this. Despite the economic crisis, this trait never becomes less for most Filipino. Some traits become rare and hardly feel, but this hospitality remains with time.

The world is suffering from economic crisis but I have observed among most Filipinos that hospitality is one of the old traits that is not affected despite the hard life. I can still feel the sincere welcome, generosity and inherited characteristic that made a Filipino unique from this distinguished trait around the world. Some foreign friends hardly understand

this kind of treatment that Filipino shows. Sometimes generosity is mistaken for asking a reward after or showing too much kindness seems unwary to foreign nationalities that are not aware of the hospitality of Filipino people. Hospitableness is no need to teach but comes naturally, as we have seen from our old folks doing this to other people, relatives and friends. Being hospitable is a trait that we have grown and will keep from generation to generation.

Filipino hospitality is you do not need to make a

call to visit a friend and inform that you are coming for lunch or dinner. Unlike other countries that you must inform your friend, relatives or even family that you are coming so they know how much food to prepare. In other countries, when you arrived late for lunch or dinnertime they do not bother to ask you if you have eaten any especially when you did not inform them of your coming. However, with Filipino trait, either you inform or you made a surprise visit, no matter what time it is, they will prepare something whether you are full or not. This kind of trait never diminishes wherever a Filipino goes and with what race he or she mingles. Even kids who were born and raised in other countries still carry the trait of hospitality that distinguishes their roots from where country one of his or her parent comes from. Thus, Filipino hospitality may live forever in the hearts of this young generation to last.


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