Do We Have Come This Far To Leave It All Behind?

Love is not all about happiness. Some stories are not always a success. However, love and lost is better than losing the battle without even trying to win.

Your silence never stops my heart, loving you nor does your disappearance hinder my soul searching yours. No matter how the voice inside my mind screaming to let go of, the promises that you break, still I hungered of your embrace. It is only in my sleep where your kiss and your touch can fill the thirst of my earthly needs. Because your image was never been blurred to sketch and your smile remains sweet on my lips.

 I started to wander through the path of your memories, in every floor your foot stepped on. I tried to trace the marks

you left behind; in every wall your body leaned on. Even the leaves bring back your laugher blown by the wind and the blue sky always reminds me of your stares. Familiar places showing me where our love begun, but the song they played, is saying goodbye. Do we have come this far to leave it all behind?

Are we fine without each other, or you are comfortable living your life without me troubling you sometimes.

I wonder what you are thinking and neither have I cared what you think of me after these crazy things that I’ve done. I maybe look so desperate, trying to locate you by the photo I saw from the internet. Am I that stupid asking people whom you might have encountered, or I am that foolish to believe

that you are real? I almost forgot the meaning of existence between fantasies, because my heart only believes in every word that you say.

Maybe, we have moments left to share. I still love you, but only for myself, because I am afraid to fall in love with you the second time. Do we come this far to leave it all behind? It’s been a hundred years since I asked this question to a million people. The whole world laughed at me and said “the only person who holds the answer to your question is “the one who captured your heart and imprisoned your soul”.

Did the stars and the galaxies conspire that, suddenly you appeared just in time when I am almost healed from this pain caused by your absence? Did you come back to tear me completely or to make me whole? Don’t say you are sorry; your presence is enough to speak for you. Don’t show me mercy, neither my love is begging you to stay. Just do one thing to make me believe that you are worth the trust I once embraced and you know where to start.




4:10pm Wednesday PT

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