Hurtful Truth Is Better Than Flattery

What do you feel about tactless people? Do you find them rude and inconsiderate? They sound undiplomatic but if we listen to what they are saying we will learn something.


I know you are wondering what is that something that you might learn from tactless people who speaks in undiplomatic way and inconsiderate. Yes, they speak their minds without thinking they are hurting and insulting the others. Tactless people are rude, mean and most of all arrogant. No one wish to have a friend like them moreover to talk with someone who is selfish. Tactless people only think of themselves. They

thought they are always right for speaking the truth and they call themselves frank. Frankness is different from being tactless if you know what I mean. But tactless people won’t listen because for them speaking what’s on their mind is frankness no matter how indiscreet it sounds.


So, what is this thing that you

might learn from tactless people? Although tactless people’s words oftentimes are hurtful, it is more acceptable than the words coming from hypocrites and pretenders. A hurtful truth from a tactless person is much better than a flattery coming from a pretender and hypocrite person. Because, a hurtful truth will show our uncomeliness while flatteries covers our ugliness. Unless you prefer a make believe world than reality then you can never appreciate the positive side of hurtful truths. Just look at the good points cited by a tactless person and you will understand how to appreciate them sometimes. Nevertheless, flattery is insincere that you shouldn’t believe and mostly it comes from pretender and hypocrite people.


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