Disadvantages Of Public Transport

There are things that you must consider when using public vehicle especially here in a country where traffic jam gives you a good headache.

There are good things to consider when using public transport and there are disadvantages as well. If you prefer to take the public transport here in the Philippines, consider these things especially in metro cities.


Traffic jam

>Traffic jam is very common during the rush hour. This usually occurs during weekdays from 7am until 9m and from 4pm until 9pm. Therefore if you are not living here in metro cities and you are not aware of these things

you must take note of this.


Loading and unloading

>This usually eat up most of your time, a five minutes drive with a private vehicle will take up 15 to 30 minutes with public transport. So, if you are in a rush, took a cab to avoid being late.


Unwanted co-passenger

>Expect some unexpected different kinds of passengers like, irate, noisy and so many others. What I

hate the most is unwanted odor, different scents not to mention the body odor. But, the most unwanted co-passenger that you must be careful with is a pick-pocket person.

Too loud music

>Some public transport plays too loud music so you need to shout loud to make the bus or jeepney driver to stop.


Annoying moment/s

>When someone beside you falls asleep and lean his/her head on your shoulder. I am sure you won’t mind if he/she is gorgeous and sexy.
>When someone besides you is drunk, pray the person won’t throw up. (ew)


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