Advantage Of Having Private Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle means extra expenses, but there are great advantages of having one as well.

Although having your own car mean extra expenses there is always a good reason for having one. Here in the Philippines having your own car is indeed expensive from oil, maintenance, and registration or insurance. Behind these expenses there also advantages to consider.


Emergency cases;
? It’s very useful during this case especially at wee hours when public vehicles are rare.
? When a friend called for help
? When a family member got stranded somewhere
? When a relative ask for rescue


Long drive/trip
? Planning

for a family vacation using your own vehicle is more practical. Here in the Philippines fare is too high for provincial buses. Therefore, it is more advisable to use your own vehicle to save money.
? You will also enjoy the scenery especially if you love taking photos.
? You can stop anywhere you want for sightseeing.


Unplanned trip

? Say you receive impromptu invitation from a

friend, family or relatives.
? When your kids or wife ask for a night out or stroll in the park.

The biggest advantage having your own car is travelling with your family. You can bring more stuff like pillows, tent, portable stove and other things for emergency uses. You can also purchase things from souvenir shops along the road where buses don’t stop for “stop over”. You can also use the vehicle to sleep over when traveler’s in or lodging havens were full. It is like moving with your house when you have your own vehicle to use for long drive with your family.


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