Total Black Out Most Gross And Outrageous Contest

I have seen different kinds of contests and reality show. Some are fun to watch and some are scary. Mind you dear readers, this one is the most gross and outrageous contest I have ever seen. Watch the video link and judge it yourself. Nevertheless, let me remind you first, if you have low tolerance with gross videos I suggest do not click the YouTube link.

Are you fond of watching reality shows, games and TV contests? Do you prefer to watch funny contest like the famous Takeshi’s castle or you prefer some scary and dangerous acts like Fear Factor? Well,

I have found this very odd contest from 9gag that made me curious and lead me checking some YouTube videos. I am lucky to found few clips from YouTube but unfortunately made me throw up like the person who actually joined the contest.

This TV show as I have seen from YouTube is named “Total Blackout” a contest in the dark. Upon searching, more of it I have come to know that there are several contest made in the dark, in total darkness that is actually a “Total Blackout”. There is a part where participants have to touch the object and guess what

it is. Some are live creatures like rats, chicken and water species. That is fair enough although it sounds scary, since you cannot see anything. You can see from the video how scared the participants are even men scream louder than girls do.

What makes this TV show outrageous is the portion where participants have to smell something and guess what it is. At first glance, it looks fun watching the participants smelling cheese, paint and other things. The gross part is, when they have to smell someone’s ass. I do not want to go further in details, better you watch it yourself. However, if you have low tolerance with gross videos I suggest you not to click the link. Just look at the attach images and it tells everything. The guy did actually puke after confirming he did smell someone’s ass.

Warning: If you have a poor understanding/low tolerance with gross videos, do not open the link

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