How Do You Appreciate Things

Are you an appreciable person? Or, do you like to complain instead of thanking someone who gives you a little gift. I wonder why some people complain and never know how to appreciate the effort exerted behind those little things and gifts they received.

I am not rich and I don’t have extra money to buy expensive gifts to give to everyone. I love arts and crafts. I love giving personalized gifts to my friends and loved ones. Doing so, makes me feel so proud that I have given them something from my heart, with my personal touch and effort. It

fills my heart with gladness when they appreciate my gifts no matter how simple it is but full of care and love. I have a friend who doesn’t want to use any of those gifts that I have given to her in fear that she might lose or misplaced it. That is her way of caring and value gifts from me and other friends. She really knows how to value the giver more than anything else. Such gesture is seldom to be seen in most people a days, who are materialistic and never knows how to appreciate little things.

Now, are you an appreciable person, or hard to please? I know some people eyeing for expensive gifts and felt disappointed once their expectation failed. I know we have hopes, wishes when it comes to receiving gifts, but we must consider the giver as well. Granting the giver is filthy

rich and you are expecting a handsome gift worth a wealth only to receive a simple plastic picture frame or a wooden keychain. Don’t show that face but smile. Yes, that person is rich and he knows that there are more needy people around him worth his money to spend with. Who knows, maybe that person is only testing your attitude on what you really value…was it the gift, or the giver that matters most to you.

You will receive what you want one day, just learn to appreciate little things. Do not look at the amount, feel the thoughts and sincerity of the giver. Remember, big things starts from small ones. Before you demand to be appreciated and understood, make sure, you know how to appreciate things first before asking. It is the thought that counts the most. A cheerful receiver will gain more blessings unexpectedly, because the giver is happy to see that you never complain with simple things that you received. However, if you do not know how to appreciate small and simple things, you will never be happy and contented with bigger and expensive things as well. Because, you always sees material things as happiness and never consider the effort of that grateful giver. Think about it…are you an appreciable person and was it the gift or the giver that you value more?

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