Advantages Of Living Alone Or Away From Our Relatives And Family

Way back century ago, family ties is really tight that every family members after building their own family still prefer to live with their parents or along with their relatives. Although this way of living still exists, some prefer to live alone or far from their loved ones. What do you prefer and what is your view on this matter?

There are advantages of living alone or away from our relatives and family. I am not sure if everyone will agree with me or not. I will cite few things you might learn when living alone of far from your parents

and loved ones. In addition, it is up to you to judge dear readers. You may agree with me or may disagree, I will respect your opinion and I will appreciate your comment as well. Here are some advantages I find helpful when living alone or far from our loved ones.

? Freedom- this does not mean that we are free to do everything we want. Freedom to choose what we want, do what we like as long as it will not harm or bring us into trouble. Freedom will teach us to control ourselves from doing wrong things and will give us the chance to do the wrong things. Therefore, freedom has two sides that we must consider when living alone or far from our love ones. So, one should be smart which way to choose, go the right way or turn to the wrong way.

? Decision making- we will get to know our capacity to decide for ourselves. We will learn to weigh things on our own. We will come to know our priorities and if ever we made any wrong decision, it will give us lesson to learn. Decision-making is one of the most debatable issues when we live under our parents care or with the family. Once we live far from them, we

must be careful when making our own decision it is like crossing a bridge without knowing what is waiting ahead. It is either success or failure with no one to blame but yourself alone.

? Independency- no one is there to help us when we need them. This will make us a stronger person and will help us build self-confident. Being independent will help us become more mature, will make us realize our dreams and make a plan of our own on how to achieve every dreams we have. Independency will help us make ourselves self-motivators without seeking others opinion. This will either build us, or destroy us.

? Creativity and skills- being alone will help us bring out the best in us. We will discover things about ourselves due to survival. Being alone will make us creative; how to do thing without any help from the others. We will discover our hidden talent or skills when no one is there to guide us. Living in survival will always brings out what we never tried or haven’t done before. We will be surprised to know our own capacity and capability of doing what we thought is impossible.

In many ways, living alone will make us a better a person if we follow the right path our love ones expect us to walk on. Once we turn the other way, it only means one thing, we are not yet ready to live alone or, we are not strong enough to face responsibilities that life has given us. Living alone is either success or failure, so, before making your decision, check yourself how far you can go to face the world that we live in.

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