Rivalry Between Boys

Rivalry is best to promote a new name such as celebrities and stars. However, rivalry between siblings does not sound good all the time. It is either to challenge them to bring out their best, or make them hate each other.
Rivalry between boys
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My two boys are three years apart and each has different likes and habits. Three years I thought is not a big difference in their age, but I have observed that, even on their younger days, they aren’t close to each other. It didn’t bother me much thinking that, when they grow up, they will get along and become best buddies. Unfortunately, I was totally wrong, the faster they grow bigger, the wider the gap creates between them. They have different choice of music genre, tastes for foods and most evidently, their opposite clothing styles. The only thing that made

them sit together is their choice of movies to watch. Their big difference does not bother me much, though, they’re not best buddies; they, do not fight as well.

However, these past days I am alarmed with what other people’s observations between my two boys. People started to express their comparison between my boys. I admit that, I am flattered by their compliments, but, somehow bothered as well. I am afraid that these comparisons will give my son's negative reaction not that bad feelings towards each other. Young girls’ compliments made me smile, but sometimes their tactless thoughts made me jump off my feet. I am fine no matter what they say as long as my sons are not around. But it gives me worries

when someone directly expresses his or her comparison in front of my two sons. Though I haven’t seen any sign of rivalry between my boys that would be the last thing a mother like me wishes to find out.

Peoples’ comments are visibly seen and heard of a social site where my son posted their photos. My older son recently posted one photo with his younger brother and their friends posted their comments and compliments freely. I feel proud but caught in between happiness and worries. I am happy that my boys are blessed with the good looks. As much as I am worried that people may overrates the situation. How I wish I can turn back the hands of time, I wish they never grow that fast so I can mend the gap during their younger days. I wish I paid attention with the gap and did my best to make them the best of friends. I know it is late for my wishes, but I am sure it is not too late to guide them. They are matured enough to deal the situation and I am confident that, they love each other.



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