Zeddie Little The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy And His One Million Dollar Smile

Who is Zeddie Little and what made him become famous in just a week? Check out the photo and find out why and how this guy captured young girls heart. Not only young girls’ heart, but also the whole America and his photo went viral in the internet world.

Zeddie’s phenomenal overnight sensation tagged him as “ridiculously photogenic guy”, “the man everyone loves”. Who is Zeddie Little and what made him famous? Zeddie Watkins Little in real life is a 25-year-old guy who lives in South Carolina. Zeddie participated a 10 km. charity run when an amateur photographer Will King captured

him with his one million dollar smile and a perfect set of sparkling white teeth. Will King is looking for his fiends who also participated on that run, however caught Zeddie waving his hands and took his picture. Will King post Zeddie’s photo in Flicker on March 31, 2012 and the same day gathered many views reaching 1.5 million up to this date and still increasing.

Zeddie’s popularity caught everyone’s attention and now he made his premiere TV appearance in Good Morning America with Will King the amateur photographer who made him an overnight

sensation. Zeddie says it’s flattering to read comments from social sites where his picture becomes viral. He cannot believe that running for a 10 km run will take him to fame he never imagined. From a simple guy looking for a permanent job to internet stardom now he is. Zeddie says during the interview “I kind of feel honored to be a part of a joke that’s in good spirits, because, sometimes the internet can be a little vicious or jokes can get bent the wrong way”.

Certainly the only sad part of this phenomenon is, Zeddie’s gonna break many hearts for revealing his relationship with a special girl he’s been dating for five years. In addition, what really made him famous that makes the public go gaga with his photo? Is it his smile, is he photogenic, or he was there at the right time, right place destined for his fame.

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