Your Worst And Greatest Enemy

Do you have enemy in this life and how do you handle situations when facing with your enemy. Maybe you can stop and think for a while and say you do not have any because you always tried to get along with all the people around you. Well, keep on reading somehow I might be able to show you one of your greatest enemies, unknown to you.

No matter how good you are there is always a saying I believed is applicable to everyone “you can never please everybody”. No matter how you do good things to others, there is always

someone who never knows how to appreciate whatever kindness or generosity, instead keep ill feelings towards your humanity. I think that is given in every situation, you give them fish they want some rice or bread to eat with it. You give them water, they wish you it’s chocolate or ice cream. You help them find a job, they hope for a managerial position. You did your best to resolve their problem, yet they put you in trouble in return. After all, a good-natured person will keep doing good things without expecting anything in return.
Therefore, you may ask who might be your greatest and worst enem

y after helping many people who never appreciate your good deeds. You might say, you don’t care who hates you as long as you know you never did anything wrong to anyone. Now, meet your greatest and worst enemy, “yourself”. Yes, it

is you. Because you never stop helping ungrateful people who sometimes put you in trouble and say things against you. Because you believed in the saying, “you can never please everybody” and that keeps you doing things that gives you happiness. You never mind what others might think, as long you know you are doing the right thing. Sometimes, people already are taking advantage of your kindness; still it is not enough reason to make you stop doing things that you have started.

You are your greatest enemy, think of it. Not only with helping other people, this is only a basic example. Even with your own desires, lust and dreams, your worst enemy is yourself. You longed someone to love you, but that person is already committed. Nevertheless, due to your devilish lust you can do things beyond limitations. Imagine a person who steals for the first time, how he battle with his own self between good and evil. Think of a respectable person who did crime to reach his dream. To win over your bad desires takes a hard battle; however, to gain victory with your worst enemy is so simple. By doing good deeds to others, each time you are given the chance is the easiest way to defeat yourself.



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