My Ideal Guy

Boys can read and rate this one, girls can smile, laugh whatever you want, but read first before you post your comment and everyone is free to react. Promise me, no violent reaction please (^_^)

Your kind or man might be tall, dark and handsome. Would you like to choose a bit fairer and add few more qualities like, stable job, a house with car maybe is fine. A handsome man you can proudly show and introduced to everyone; like a personal property with a signboard saying, “sorry girls, he is mine”. Your kind of man is like a display admired

exclusively for your eyes only.

Her kind of man is a simple guy next door who owns a lot of doors, like 20 storey building with 100 doors for rent. A two door sports car,

a five doors entrance/exit mansion house and a one door private jet plane. Her kind of man is not a head turner, but a sure hit for ransom syndicate, so fasten your seatbelt and pray hard you’re not chased by paparazzi for public scrutiny.

My kind of man, is not your TDH (tall, dark, handsome), not her guy next door either. My kind of man is fair, tall and groovy. Has two-wheel drive and not chased by paparazzi. My kind of man is not a ransom for money type because he is not filthy rich, but he owns me and proudly tells the world, I AM HIS WEALTH!

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