Your Husband Is A Gay

What would you do after finding out that your husband is a gay and sleeps with your male cousin? Of course, this is not funny and no time for joke guys, but this happens and could happen to anyone so please don’t laugh but proceed reading.

Jeanette and John are married for years might not be a perfect couple, but having a good life. Then one day, John asked his wife Jeannette if Russell could stay with them, yes, in their house. Since Russell is Jeannette’s cousin, she never suspects of anything unusual rather consider the generosity her husband is giving

to Russell. Until one day, Russell confesses to Jeannette that her husband is a gay and is sleeping with him. Russell’s confession is to redeem his sin towards his cousin Jeannette and to let her know about her husband’s cheating and betrayal. Russell’s intention sounds like good for revealing the truth, but he knows very well that his cousin Jeannette will never take it easy and his confession might result to a bigger problem.

John denies the truth, because he wants to save his marriage. Granted he cheated his wife and he is a gay. Granted he sleeps with Russell, before and after his marriage to Jeannette. Still he wants to save his marriage and loves his wife. However, the fact that he bring Russell to his home, let him stay with them is an open truth of his cheating to his

wife. How could he prove to Jeannette that he loves her, and he only wants nothing in his life but Jeannette? Did Russell confess the truth to break John and Jeannette’s marriage so he and John can live together freely?

If John will ask forgiveness and promised to Jeannette that he will leave Russell and live a new life, do you think Jeannette can still trust her husband. How hard it is for a woman to know that her husband is a gay and to make things worse, sleeps with her own cousin. She was cheated both by her loved ones right before her eyes inside her home. Things she never think, things she never expects that will ever happen to her. This is not a story, not a script from a movie, but a real deal.
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