Young Love

Young love, puppy love and infatuation. Whatever they call it, for two people who have fallen for each other it is love.


Love comes early to other people, while others find true love at the middle age. Young love is not young at all when it is true. It is only considered young by age but not by depth. There are success stories of young couples and there are failed stories of older ones. In such cases we cannot judge age status to determine when true love strike to anyone. The older the person is not a security of a serious

relationship and the younger the person does not always mean infatuation or puppy love. The society has no right to predict if a relationship will last or a short lived one.

Young love is often misjudged as a stage of experimentation. But few young couples proved such accusation is also applicable

with matured people. Sometimes the younger they started a relationship the longer time they give each other the chance to know each other. Unlike with older ones who jumps into marriage and later found they are not compatible and resort to separation. Young love maybe too early for others that they ended up breaking their hearts. Breaking their hearts at young age gives them lesson and makes them wiser. While late bloomer starts at older age that gives them trouble how to handle the next relationship.

This is not to justify the young lovers, but to open up our eyes that young at heart has the right to fall in love and matured people to learn from them.


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