You Mean More To Me

You are one of those wonderful things worth remembering. Because there is no one else who mean more to me, than you.


You are the one who makes me smile
When everything frowns at me
You are the one who makes me feel great
When everyone turns me down and gray


Your voice is the song that wakes my morning
That drives all my mood swings away
Your touch complete my weary day
And made

me feel at home wherever I stay


You are the cloud that shelters me from the rain
Gives me comfort on sunny weather
Yours is the hand that hold me so tender
On rocky roads that I traveled on


You are my heart who listens to me
When everyone brings me down to my knees

/> Yours is my shoulder to sleep on
In an empty room and I’m alone


You are my soul who quiet listening to me
In a crowded place sitting staring at me
Yours is my ear who never complains
Whenever I say “I miss you darling”


You are my inspiration and everything is true
You are one of those wonderful things
Worth remembering and
No one else mean more to me, than You

6:46pm Sunday

Article Written By juny

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