You Know Icanít Smile Without You

You know I can’t smile without you. I can’t even be glad without. You left the day before and now you’re still missing. How can I smile today, tomorrow or the next day?


I know you will smile once you read this and will say “here you go again with your tantrums little baby”. Oh, I am not a little baby, maybe a chubby little lady who can’t smile without you. It’s been two days I haven’t seen you and you think I can smile tomorrow? Who will cheer me up with a good morning kiss and who will make me

glad without your goodnight kiss. Now I know how I missed you when you scold me for not listening and reading your instructions. Now I know how I appreciate your negative comments each time I made mistake. Now I understand why you want me to open my eyes and observe things around without your help. Now I realized everything you did is for my own good and I promised to listen to you from this day on.


But, wait, where are you. It’s been two days with one email without confirmation

when will you come again. I missed your praises when I show you good updates with my works. I missed your laugh when I am lost with your jokes like a kid. I missed to see your big eyes each time I won from your dare. Most of all, I can’t smile for missing everything about you. Say you will be here today, don’t promise the next hour. Tell me you will come soon, without any delay. I wish you will me wake me up with your sweet kiss before I could sleep. I hope I can smile before the daybreak, not before the day end. I am sure you know that I can’t smile without you. Therefore, I know you will be here before I could ask for another wish or two. For you know better than I do that I can’t smile without you.

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