You Donít Need Everything That You Want

Physically, emotionally and materially you don’t need everything that you want. There’s always a difference between the two and you should know it.


Speaking of material things, there are things that you want but not necessarily a need for you. You want the latest model of your favorite mobile phone brand, but you don’t need it that bad. After all you have a new mobile phone that you just bought last week. You want to change the color of your hair but you don’t need it because you look pretty with your natural hair. Yes, there are many things in life

that everybody wants, but they don’t know what the importance of having it and they don’t know the reason why they must ignore it. Look at the athletes, they know what they want, but they don’t need to cheat to win a medal. They know what honor brings by sporting self discipline because they need it and want honor in the end.


Emotionally speaking, you want attention and recognition but you don’t need to step on others shoes to obtain popularity or you don’t

need to use other people to become famous. You want someone to love you, just be yourself. You don’t need to impress that person to catch his/her attention. You don’t need to change who you are according to his/her standard for the sake of love. You want people to trust you, show sincerity because you don’t need to tell them your achievements. If you want respect, respect the others first. You don’t need to be generous to everyone to become respectable. Now think what are the things that you want but you don’t need and what are the things that you need but you don’t want. Then you can decide what you really want or choose what you need.


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