You Are Born Naked And To Dust You Will Return With Nothing

You may be the world’s famous celebrity, the highest paid in the sports industry or the prettiest face in the universe. Soon after death, you will turn to dust worthless and priceless.

Some people are worried how to preserve their youthful looks. We cannot blame them for it is the only asset that gives them their bread and butter. Some doesn’t know how to increase their earnings in order to become the number one in Forbes list of riches people in the world. Other people are too restless on how to secure their wealth from robbers and thieves. Rich and famous

don’t have peace in mind compared to ordinary people. Even their private life is very limited and though they can travel the world but their own world is too small from neither intrigues nor issues. They cannot complain for controversy is the name of the game for most of them.

The gap between the

rich and the poor is very wide that they don't get the chance to see each other every day. But do you know that both have similarities in life? Both were born naked and both will return to dust. For sure they were born from different atmospheres and when both died, the memorial is a lot more different from each other as well. However, soon after death both shall return to where they should belong, from soil and dust. Once their body mixed with the soil and dust no one can tell who among the remains belongs to the rich and which remains belongs to the poor. Life is not complicated if we only knows how to appreciate the simplicity of it.


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