The Wrestler

I never appreciate the wrestling world not after watching the movie “The Wrestler”. The movie opened my eyes to the real world of wrestling, the world I used to know as world of craziness.

I was scanning through Bruce Springsteen’s latest music when I stumble upon this movie “The Wrestler”. I thought of writing an article about Bruce Springsteen since I started writing about bands and music randomly. I changed my mind upon reading the movie’s synopsis and decided to write an article about “The Wrestler”. I used to call the world of wrestling as crazy world; I wonder why people

love to watch the wrestlers hurting each other, bloody and banging things to each other. Honestly, my whole vision changed after watching the movie and I promised to watch wrestling matches from now on.

To everybody who

doesn’t like wrestling, or having same thinking like me before, I recommend this movie. Watch the movie and you will surely understand the world of wrestling and the people behind this crazy world. I don’t know exactly what made me changed my mind, was it the movie, the story or the way actors plays their role. One thing I know for sure, I came to know that people behind the wrestling world are not crazy. The bloody fight and physical hurting as part of the entertainment is not as gross as I think it is. The choreograph movements made it perfect, although the wrestlers are truly hurting each other physically.

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