Words Of Sadness

Don’t ask where you are going for I don’t have any reason to tell. The flowers are my sister and the butterflies are my brothers. Don’t speak to me words of sadness for I only met words of gladness.



Don’t speak to me words of sadness
All I know are words of gladness
For my sisters are the flowers
And butterflies are my brothers


I wear a sunny day to drive the clouds away

paint the mountains with colors from the rainbow
And use the wind to hum a melody
Where branches and leaves sway gladly singing with me


So you speak of sadness, words of loneliness
And the cities start to crumble beneath the ground
Where laughter drowned by the mourn
Of innocent grief and holy horn



Here you must begin, seek the wisdom from the children
Never wonder where you are going
Never mind the wolves howling
Forget the words of sadness smile and be grateful for a new day


The hope you have forgotten is coming again your way
The dreams once escaped will surely be yours someday
Consider me as your friend not an angel of dismay
Who speaks to you words of gladness a friend who truly is concerned


2:17am Monday


Article Written By juny

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