Words By Heart

There are many things that you want to hear from someone you love. But you never tried to listen to someone who speaks by heart.


You keep waiting words from someone you love. Some words that you have been waiting for so long. But it seems you will never hear those words because the feeling is not mutual. On the other hand, someone out there is saying a word but you never paid any attention. It is understood that you want to hear sweet words from the one you love and not from someone who loves you but, there are things

beyond control. Remember, words spoken by heart is immeasurable than words spoken forcefully by obligation.

Somebody is whispering words you have longed to hear but you never give that person a chance to tell. You

love someone who seems to ignore you and somebody loves you but you ignore. The cycle of wanting is unending for hearts trapped longing for conclusion. What would you choose then, waiting for someone you love to say the word or give somebody the chance to say it by heart? Sometimes there are so many things that we want to hear from someone we love but we never tried to listen to somebody who speaks by heart.

By the time we realize the importance of something or someone is when the time comes that we cannot touch them on our side.




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