ďa Woman She Is" -a Poem

When a girl turns into a woman, comes the reality she will soon be a wife and a mother.
It doesn’t mean she is no longer a sister or a friend to anyone; otherwise her life becomes complete in the name of womanhood.



A Mother,

She is every house's foundation,
Without her...a home would never been the same,
A home she create, a home she is made, a home she built,
And a family she is the completeness, a mother ….
….without her there'll be no children!

A Wife,

Give her sorrow, and she will show you happiness,
Bring to her your troubles,

and she will give you peace.
She is a great listener, without her nobody will hear your cries,
She is a good adviser, she found good in everything.
A wife she is, she nags yet she defines love.

A Lover,

Give her thorns and she'll find roses,
Give her direction and she'll find the road.
Give her sand and she'll find the sea.
Give her darkness and she knows where to find the light,

/> Give her rain and she'll find the rainbow.
Give her doubts and she'll chase your fears away.

A Friend and a Sister,

She knows when to cry and when to smile,
She knows when to start and when to stop.
She knows when to lie and when to tell truth,
She claims yet she denies.
coz...she always find a reason in every life.

a mother
a wife
a lover
a friend
a sister
….a woman she is…



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