Wish There Is A Manual On How To Save A Relationship

Wish there is a written manual that could save every relationship and gives everyone step by step instruction on how to avoid damaging or breaking someone’s heart.

What if, there is a written manual that can provide a definite solution and instruction on how to save a relationship. A manual on how to prevent a relationship from getting damage, complete with proper guide and solutions. Will you consider buying that manual no matter how much it costs to save a relationship, or would you prefer to let go that person and leave everything what destiny awaits for you ahead?

A manual

on how to save a relationship is not a bad idea at all.

Yes, it is not a desperate act to wish for a manual on how to save a relationship. It is an option that anyone might consider than crying helplessly. However, what if after following instruction systematically still it did not work.

Be reminded that in every relationship, it is the heart that matters most. Everybody knows a heart is not made of mechanism that runs through electrical wirings or optic fiber and you are wishing that a manual’s instruction could save it from total damage. Call it craziness, but a wishful heart never knows how to stop.


There is nothing wrong giving your best or searching ways to prevent the relationship from falling out. Nevertheless, never invest too much emotion or else you may risk every little hope once you lost in the battle. Sometimes it is better to leave what fate is in store than giving your best and ended with negative result.


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