Wild Flower In The Desert Of Mourn

Your sweet scents captured every young dreamer. Wild flower your vapors disappeared in the desert before the morning sun. Temptation is not your grave.


Ancient bouquet of wild flowers
Capturing every hearts of young dreamers
Your sweet scents spread like poison in the desert
Where rattle snakes feared to roam in the darkness


Wild flower you softly whispers enchanting voices
Your beauty cursed with spell beyond compare
Made kings swept down on their knees
Turning down a whole kingdom making slaves



Wild flower in the desert of mourn
You are destined to be touched by greedy arms
To be held closely or you will break them away
With your mist full of doomed mystery

Wild flower, never go near them
Wild flower will carry you

Away from your sanity
Away from your sanctity


Wild flower, never smell them
Such vapors stings venom of destruction
Take a warning before you’re gone
Take away your eyes from wild flower waving a hand


Beauty of ancient full of sweetness
Wild flower your image haunting memories
Hiding scars of shattered hope and wounded soul
Temptation is not your grave to rest but a hiding place


1:26am Monday

Article Written By juny

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