Why We Must Listen To The Elders?

Being older by age does not mean they are always right. But why we must listen to them when they start sharing their experiences? Because precisely we will learn something from it.


Being older by age does not always mean that a person is right. Some older people are not good example to follow, but no matter how bad they are once they share their experiences we must listen to them. Experience is the best teacher and by listening to older peoples experiences we will learn something whether it is good or bad. Experiences are lessons in life that are hard

to discard in every memory. Good experiences are like sugar that sweetened a smile while bad experiences are sour memories like gape in one’s soul.

Once an older person shared an experience that will bring him/her back to the past. Recalling every old traces may give a tear or smile in thy face. Even a bad old person changes for a moment when reminiscing a past that engraves in his/her deepest memory. Some forgotten bad experiences somehow may revealed with anguish. Maybe some experiences made a bad old person dispirited for a moment. Listening and

feeling to his/her emotion will give us a view of their experiences from the past. Whatever we see or hear will help us understand about the person and somehow give us idea how experiences made them who they are in the present time.

So, do you know any old person or do you have anyone around you? Why don’t you ask him/her to sit for a while and share their expriences with you. Maybe that will help them to unleash some bitterness hidden for a long time. Who knows maybe a bad old person only awaits for someone who is willing to listen and hear his/her dying ember of yester years. You wil never know, the little time you spared listening to that person is worth a lifetime to him/her. Because no one can tell if he/she can share it again to anyone tomorrow or the next hours of his/her life.


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