Why Tears Is Considered Special Than A Smile

You think a tear only signifies sadness and happiness. But, you never realize that tears is considered special than a smile. Sounds confusing, keep on reading and you will understand why.

Smile increases a face value. A common saying “keep smiling to make you beautiful, frown makes a pretty face ugly”. I partly agree, why only partly you might ask, partly because there are insincere smile that makes an ugly face looks uglier because the smile turns into a grin. While a frown can make a pretty face looks cute because the person frowns asking for another kiss. However, why does

the tears considered special than a smile? A tear does not always mean sadness or sorrow, but can also means happiness and overflowing gladness. Now, do you have any idea why tears is considered special than a smile?

Tears is considered special because we cry when someone we love say goodbye. Tears fall down when our dear ones left us for a while. Tears are sure to fall when blessings pour and a new life comes in our family. When newborn baby arrive and when the old ones passed away. A tear signifies rejoice when a brother/sister weds. When a friend celebrates success,

we also share it with tears. Tears can give us comfort when a beloved failed or when a relative loose a chance in any games. Did you ever notice that we shed tears for our loved ones success, failures, happiness, sorrow and blessings. We shared tears with our loved ones and not with everyone.

Meanwhile, we can give a smile to everyone. Yes, to everyone, to a stranger and unknowingly we smile to our foes. Because anyone can fake a smile, take those politicians whose smiles are plastered on their faces. The auto smiles from celebrities as if they know you personally without asking your name. A smile is like saying hi or hello without any reason, just like a wind that passes through, blowing without direction. A smile can be given to everyone, anyone, whoever they are, because a smile can be rehearsed and mastered without any emotions involved.

If you can add more and better definition, please do. Your contribution is highly appreciated. Cheers and smile but please be sincere to make your face gain the best value ever.

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