Why First Love Never Ever Dies

Does your first love keeps bugging you and giving you hard time to move on. Are you one of those who suffered “first love syndrome” and trying to survive from remnants of yesterdays?

One thing my mind cannot absorb is this question about first love never ever dies. How did it happen, why does someone lives with the past instead of moving ahead. Why not erase the pain of memories and enjoy the present life. Why waste a little time waiting for a love that has long gone without any assurance of coming back. I’ve heard success stories of second chances,

love that is sweeter the second time around, but I never seen one in real life. What I have witnessed are sad story of desperation, failed relationship of perfect images. I have seen realities that life is not a bed of roses that behind it’s beauty and fragrance, there are thorns hidden waiting for the right time to prick us so badly. Life is never unfair, life only gives us lesson to make us grow stronger and first love is one of it.

Are you having trouble with your past and seems a shadow is following everywhere you go? I know coping from break up is not an overnight healing process. However, confining yourself for a long time is not a cure either. That is one reason why people had a hard time forgetting their past; they allow the pain

to eat them slowly. They let sorrow cover the whole day without letting any sunshine to show them the brighter way. First love, first kiss, first experience is one of the sweetest things to remember in our lives. However, it does not mean it is the end of world once we lost the person who gives us those first sweet experiences in life. Instead, we should be thankful for all the good and sweet memories he/she left behind.

Why does first love never ever dies? From what I understand, it is not about hoping for one more chance. First love remains because it gives lesson that we should learn. Memories we must cherish and not to condemned us with pain forever. I cannot see anything wrong remembering first experiences, but we should not waste our time reminiscing forgotten tracks that might give us pinch of regrets. There is no use connecting missing links if both ends tied with new strings already. It is better to let go of every little hopes than wishing for impossible. First love will always be first love for every person having first experience. Nevertheless, for anyone who experienced and lost it- let first love a closed book waiting for new generation to read on.

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