Why Do Wise People Seek Advice?

Are you independent when it comes to decision making or you also have the habit of soliciting advice and suggestion from others?


There are times in your life that you cannot decide the right thing to do that you seek advice from your friends and family members. Times that you are so disoriented and you cannot think any better solution with your own problem. Maybe some of you might say you always solve your problems alone. Then you will come to understand why other people ask others opinion once you are facing a problem bigger than life. Remember that everyone are

not the same when it comes to problem solving, some never freaks easily while others becomes too panicky when problem comes their way. Therefore never compare yourself to others who are weak when problem occurs.


Why some people needs others opinion?


Because some people cannot think clearly when they have problems, the more they want to think of a solution, the more their mind gets blocked. Some people already have

solution in mind but they want to hear others opinion to have a concrete evidence that they are making the right decision. As if they don’t want to put the blame on their selves alone if ever the decision doesn’t work. Some people like to solicit other suggestions to come out with a better idea before laying a concrete decision. Because sometimes other people had a better idea than you have and there is nothing wrong seeking advice rather than regretting for being proud. It doesn’t mean that you are irresponsible when you ask others on how to solve your own problems. It only means that you are wise enough to gather smart ideas from intellect people.


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