So Many Reasons Why I Cannot Love You

Why can I not Love You


Why do I need to ask you if I can love you or not, when I never asked you to acknowledge my love even from the start?


I wonder why I need to ask you,
I wonder why I need to let you know.
When I never ask you to love me,
I never ask you to acknowledge my love.
As long as you will let me love you, even from a far distant.



Why I cannot teach my heart not to love you;
Why I cannot tell my heart to let you go,
When you are never mine from the start.
Why do I hurt my heart?
When I know I am free to love someone else who can love me too.



Why do I insist myself to keep loving you,
When I know you are next to impossible to be true.
Why does my heart knows only one name that defines love.
And that name belongs to only one and that is you,
You, who never knew how much my heart longed for one and only you.


Sometimes, though it hurts we must learn to try to face the truth about loving someone who can never love us back. Yes, it is easier said than done, but we can always give it a try.

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