Why Babies Cry When They Were Born?

You were crying the moment you are born and everyone is smiling. Try to live your life to the fullest and leave this world smiling while everyone is crying.


Like every newborn baby, you arrive in this world crying and everyone around you is smiling. Little angels always bring happiness in every household. The coming of new baby means joy and blessing in every couple. Imagine how much you filled everyone’s heart with so much delight the time they hear you cry on the day you were born. You will come to understand the feeling once you become a parent yourself.

Right now try to live your life the way that you want without hurting anyone. Reach your dreams without stepping one’s shoes and achieve your goals without shattering other’s pride.

Life is unfair if you keep looking on the negative side. Life is complicated if you

only sees other people’s mistake but you never see yours. Life seems so unkind if you never feel contentment and if you let greed fills your heart. Life is sorrow nor pain when you don’t understand that love is give and take. Life is short indeed so make the most of it. Remember the day when you were born crying, it is because you don’t know what life’s ahead. Now that you know how it is to live by your own, live it to the fullest so when you die you will leave this world smiling and left everyone crying.


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