Who Uses Sweet Words In A Relationship?

In a relationship, sweet nothing makes every woman giggle and fills their heart with gladness. I am not sure if men feel the same when their partner whispers sweet words into their ears.


For young people, sweet words in a relationship are music to their ears. For young people it’s good to hear even though sometimes it sounds corny and exaggerated. Even with flattering tone sweet words tickles young people especially with the girls and it is acceptable due to their innocence. But those with seniority, sweet words usually mean flattery to trick their victim. Therefore, be careful when accepting sweet

words especially if it comes from people unknown to you. Remember that trickster is always hiding in the beautiful face and sweet words to catch their prey. Cheaters are always warm and sweet to hide the crook inside patiently waiting for the right victim.


Not all warm and sweet people are dishonest

or cheater, but all crooks are like that. Being sweet and warm is their best bait to attract their victim. Especially the women they easily fall into man with sweet tongue. But mind you guys, there are women who are not charming but uses sweet words as their best assets. There is one thing in common that all victims of cheaters have to say “they believe in lies”. A true love and true people will say the truth no matter how painful it is. Because a perfect relationship overcomes pain and sweet words is just a part of it. Sweet words in a relationship is just an addition and not to bring every relationship into perfection.


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