Who Am I Without You? - A Poem

Who am I without you now that you’ve left me before our time begins? What is love without you now that you are gone along with our time? Maybe we’ve run out of moments but if we will hold hands together we can still save our love just in time.


Who am I without you?
I maybe like a boat without a sail
Sailing on a river without water
Paddling like insane
Hoping a path to lead where you fail

Who am I

without you?
Like a wind without direction
A tornado without destination
Trying to find the sea where it should belong
Hoping to see your footprints along the shore


Who am I without you?
Like a sunshine without warm
Or a moon without the stars
A sky without the clouds
A rainbow without an end


Who am I without you?
A valley without flowers
A flower without scents
Scents without the mist
A morning without glory of your kiss



Who am I without you?
A mountain without trees
Mourning for lifeless sceneries
A spring without sweetness
A fountain of poison cursed by your lips


Who am I without you?
A light without hope
A greeting without hello
But goodbye without an end
Chanting your name everywhere

Who am I without you?
Like a time without love
A love without life
A life without moments
Because you are my love for all time


6:02am Friday

Article Written By juny

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