White Lie Is To Justify A Liar?

There are many things that scare us in this life. Not scared of ghost or paranormal activity, but painful realities.


What scares you in this life aside from being jobless, heartaches, trials or problems and death? One of the scariest moments is to know, hearing and seeing the truth. Some people say it is better to believe in lies than discovering a painful truth. Some people prefer to hurt their loved ones with lies in considerable manner, but some people do it intentionally to save their self from humility and pride. So here comes the word white lie that many people

use to justify their cheatings. But what is the real essence of telling a lie to someone you love after you have committed a mistake that you know would hurt them. In the first place you should have thought of your loved ones before indulging yourself to it.


White lies are still lies no matter how one justifies the mean. Cheaters use this escape

goat to justify their wrongdoings and liars use that word to clean their hands but, they can never trick their conscience. Telling a lie becomes habitual when someone believes that white lies can save them from doing the original sin of lying. Once you convinced yourself that white lies is the lesser evil thing to do, soon you will find yourself telling more lies and become a liar. Then you will find yourself believing in your own lies. Later you realize you can hardly determine what the difference between a lie and the truth because more than half of your world is now surrounded with your own lies.


Too bad, white lies corrupted most of the innocent minds and the purest heart.


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