When You Die...suddenly You Become A Saint!

Funny but its true, when someone dies, suddenly he or she becomes a saint to everyone. It seems the dead person never did anything wrong in his or her entire life.

I could hardly believe it when people start talking good things about the dead person, when in fact they are cursing that person when he or she is still alive. Imagine your neighbor shouting almost everyday to his son or daughter “I wish you were never born” either a son or a daughter cursing to their parents “I wish you’re not my dad/mom”. Darn and when that person they are

wishing to vanish suddenly died, there they are crying like a whale. Oh well, maybe you might say, “it’s their parents or it’s their son and daughter who died so it’s normal”. Fine, reason granted, yeah, no matter how we feel bad towards our family, once we lost someone, even a heart made of marble will melt that’s undeniable.

So let us make it a little different. Look around, have you ever seen people fighting for nonsense things. Let’s say a typical neighbor arguing for little things, like blocking someone’s driveway or throwing garbage in front their houses. How about young ladies fighting like cats all because of one guy, women shouting and insulting each other due to gossips. Then one day, one of them died. One thing is for sure, you

can never hear bad words from the other party, and instead you will hear praises of how good he or she is. His or her enemies suddenly become a good friend, close friend or even a best friend telling how the dead person lives his/her life in good ways. No one wants to uncover the gravest things he/she has ever done. Ever encountered such situation, or have you ever observed events like this?

However, for celebrities, politician or other famous person, the controversy never stops during the wake and even triggers more after the funeral. Death cannot stop their popularity, may it good or bad. Therefore, there is a big difference between a common people from famous ones. For well-known people, death is not enough to dig their rotten closets, while for unknown ones; it is the end of dispute with their enemy. Would you like to become a saint once you died, or you want to keep your popularity with bad reputation? Remember that, when you die, you will be remembered by your deeds. For your family and loved ones, you will stay in their hearts no matter who you are.

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